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1. Introduction

This terms was last modified on May 23rd, 2018.

All web pages hosted under the web domain (“the website”) are owned and operated by Instoremedia AB (Instoremedia). By accessing you agree to the Terms of Use hereunder. may contain links to other websites owned and/ or operated by Instoremedia (Instoremedia linked sites). Unless specified otherwise by separate Terms of Use specific to them, access to Instoremedia linked sites is also subject to the Terms of Use hereunder.

To the extent that Terms of Use for Instoremedia linked sites conflict with the Terms of Use hereunder, Terms of Use for Instoremedia linked sites shall prevail.

2. Variation

Instoremedia may revise these Terms of Use from time to time. Updates to these Terms of use shall be applicable from the date of revision. Please check that you have understood the latest revision prior to using the website.

3. Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, all materials and Intellectual Property Rights on the website are owned by Instoremedia or its Licensors.

You may use, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, modify or otherwise utilise materials on this website only to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law and provided that any copy of materials or modification thereof contains this copyright notice.

Use of some materials on the website may be subject to its own proprietary restrictions. If so indicated, your right to use those materials shall be subject to those proprietary restrictions.

Except as expressly provided above, nothing herein shall be construed as conferring any right or license under any copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of Instoremedia, its Licensors or any third parties.

Without limitation to the effect of clauses heretofore, any product, software, service or technology described or referred to in the website and its materials is the subject of intellectual property rights reserved by Instoremedia or its Licensors and is not licensed hereunder.

4. Trademarks, Logos, Product Names and Trade Names

All trademarks, logos, product names and trade names appearing on this web site are owned by Instoremedia, its Licensors or third parties, and are protected under The Swedish Trade Mark Act, The Swedish Companies Act, The Swedish Trade Names Act and their relevant laws in Sweden and corresponding laws in other countries/territories.

You may not use these marks and names without permission from their respective owners.

5. Disclaimers

Instoremedia reserves the right to suspend or stop operation of this website or to modify or delete any of the materials in this website without first giving prior notice.

Instoremedia may, at its sole discretion, change, improve, upgrade or discontinue supply of any product, software or service described in the website at any time and without first giving prior notice.

6. Limit of Warranty

Instoremedia does not warrant the usefulness, accuracy, currency or completeness of materials within the website. Your access and use of the website and materials is performed at your own risk and in no event shall Instoremedia be held liable for any claim, expense, damages or other remedy arising from or in connection with access to, use of and reliance upon the website or any of its materials.

Instoremedia does not commit to ensuring that the website is available. Instoremedia does not commit to ensuring that the website is kept up to date. Instoremedia Developer Community, User Website and other areas of Restricted Access

Access to certain areas of the website is restricted by user name and password (“access details”). Instoremedia reserves the right to restrict access to any part of the website or to the website in its entirety at its sole discretion. Instoremedia may also, at its sole discretion, remove access restrictions from any part of the website which is subject to them.

Instoremedia may, at its sole discretion, grant you access details which open restricted areas of the website. These access details are personal to you and must not be disclosed to third parties. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are not disclosed to third parties.

Should you become aware that your access details have been used to access restricted areas of the website without your consent, you should inform us immediately in writing using the e-mail address in the Contacts section.

You shall be responsible for any damage incurred by Instoremedia which arises out of failure to keep your access details secure from use by third parties.

Instoremedia may, at its sole discretion, disable your access details at any time without first giving prior notice.

Where access to restricted areas is granted subject to separate contract, to the extent that these conflict with the Terms of Use, the Terms of the separate contract shall prevail.

7. Links to third party websites

The website may incorporate links to third party websites (“third party linked websites”). Third party linked websites are the sole responsibility of their owners and/ or operators.

Instoremedia does not accept responsibility for materials accessible on third party linked websites, and in no event shall it be held accountable for any damage incurred by accessing or using them.

Should you access and use a third party linked website, you should do so in accordance with its Terms of Use.

8. Breach of Terms

Instoremedia may take action to remedy any breach of these Terms of Use which it deems appropriate without prejudice to its other rights under these Terms of Use or in Law.

Actions Instoremedia may take include, but are not limited to, suspending or cancelling your access details, blocking access to the website from your IP address, reporting abuses to your Internet Service Provider or bringing a claim against you in a Court of Law.

9. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be applied in accordance with the Laws of Sweden. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with application of these Terms of Use shall be heard under the exclusive jurisdiction of a Swedish Court of Law.

10. Contact

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