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We’ll be at the NEC Showcase 2016, so come and visit us.

We’ve partnered up with premium audio manufacturer Sennheiser and will be showing off some innovative Digital Signage solutions particularly targeted at Retail, or, which we think might be especially good for technical retailing such as audio equipment.

Here’s a quick run down of the event and what we’ll be showing at it, followed by a link to the dedicated showcase website. If you haven’t already, there’s still time to register for it.

First of all – the NEC Showcase 2016

Is a continuation of the annual showcase run by our partners NEC Displays Europe in London to coincide with London Digital Signage week. Since inception it has proved a popular event and has successfully transcended its association with a single manufacturer to become an important date in the AV calendar.

You’ll be able to see a range of the latest screen and display solutions from both NEC and various partners with whom they work.

This year, it will be at the Millbank Tower, London, on May 18 & 19.

Instoremedia will be showcasing….

Solutions aimed at retail. In the Retail section of the showcase. Here’s a taster for you

Lift & Learn

In partnership with Sennheiser, this solution will feature display headphones linked to a video wall. When you lift a headphone, the video wall will display content specific to the headphone you have lifted. When you put the headphones back down again the video wall will revert to attractor content. Statistics on how many times a headphone is lifted will be aggregated centrally. The idea of this is to further engage the customer with your product, giving them relevant information about it and increasing the chance of a sale. This is especially useful when selling a product with technical benefits. Measurement of statistics will enable you to tune your content display to maximise impact and engagement.

Remote Control

Remote control is designed to put a degree of content control in the hands of staff or customers, without losing overall central control of your media display. A smartphone interface will allow the user to change content on the screen for a time limited period or permanently, then switch it back again. The content they can change to is controlled by you, centrally.

The principle here is devolution! People on the ground, close to the action, know about the environment or any change in audience demographic better than others sitting in an office hundreds of miles away, so giving them a controlled opportunity to respond can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. That’s the theory, and we think it has weight. This is a solution which has already been successfully used by customers of ours.

It also means that displays can be used as a genuine detail tool for a sales pitch, or that a customer could use a screen to play content specific to their needs controlled from, say, a fixed tablet near the display.

High Brightness Screens

These will be placed at the entrance of the Retail section, which is how they are often used in real Retail situations. The High-Bright screens are easier to read in sunlight than normal screens, so you can play content designed to engage customers and drive footfall into your shop with fewer concerns about its impact on a sunny day.

Split HD Screens

Synchronised screens are always a nice way to create a “wow!” factor in a shop, and this is quite a nice way of creating that effect using relatively simple technology. There are various ways you can create a synchronised display in the  Instoremedia system, but this solution relies on hardware and a single Media Player. Come and ask us for more details at the show!

And if you haven’t registered, here’s were you can….

NEC Showcase

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Want to know more?

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