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Instoremedia’s groundbreaking Digital Signage solution at Hi3G

Press release April 5th, 2019.

Stockholm, Sweden April 5th. Today Instoremedia announce a groundbreaking Digital Signage installation at the new head office of Hi3G in Stockholm.

Opened in September 2018, the office is designed to be a complete modern workplace, giving Hi3G’s 900 employees at their HQ the freedom and creative inspiration to work in the most collaborative, inspiring and efficient ways possible.

Hi3G decided early on that a large part of this requirement could be achieved by providing employees with the freshest, most relevant company information available on over 200 digital touch points located throughout the building.

Employees at the office are allowed complete freedom to decide where they work, so touch points not only have to be visually appealing, but also interactive and easy to personalise with any information an employee might need.

The scalability and flexibility of Instoremedia’s digital signage package made it an ideal choice to fulfil this requirement.

“This step forward in internal communication is exciting, but it’s been such a success that now it also seems obvious!
Instoremedia’s software was only part of the reason we chose to work with them. We always look for this added value in partners and their expertise in engaging target audiences was the clincher.”
Lisa Eriksson, head of internal communications at Hi3G said. “A company is its people. The digital screens are part of a welcoming and flexible work experience. Engaging employees will translate into happier employees and improved productivity”.

“When most people think of digital signage they think of consumer advertising”, Malin Landberg, CEO of Instoremedia said ”, but this solution is about employees, not consumers. We believe digital signage is a key part of a happy and productive modern workplace. Instoremedia digital signage will allow Hi3G employees to be more engaged, freer and happier in the office, and we fully expect that to translate into results”.

Hi3G’s employees can access a huge array of content from digital signage screens in the building, including:

  • Team planning / wayfinding information
  • The latest company and market information
  • Interactive collaboration spaces
  • Information which can be personalised to each employee, including task lists, meeting information, sales figures and other information relevant to their job.


System specifications:

  • The collaboration spaces and wayfinding screens are Samsung screens LH55PMHPBGC/EN & LH49PMHPBGC/EN.
  • The signage solution runs on the built-in mediaplayer Tizen SSSP4 or a PC, Aopen DE3250.
  • Samsung 5×5 videowall UM55H-E, Aopen DEX5350.

For more information about the solution, please contact:

Malin Landberg, CEO Instoremedia AB
Telefon: +46 (0) 70-995 08 77

For more information about Instoremedia, please visit:

About Instoremedia
Instoremedia was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is to deliver the best combination of value and functionality in any Digital Signage Platform on the market. We have a proven track record of developing signage solutions for clients of all sizes from blue-chip to single site, ensuring the content they want to be noticed is played at the times and places they want it to be seen.

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