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Instoremedia launches new visual identity and website

GDPR isn’t only about data protection, it has also given us an excellent reason to upgrade the look and feel of our website.

Instoremedia Digital Signage allows you to engage your customers with your best content when and where you want to, so we’ve changed our website to better reflect our values and our objective to be the best value digital signage solution on the market.


Modern and simple graphical identity

The Instoremedia platform is a leading digital signage platform with an intuitive, visually appealing user interface. We’ve upgraded the website to reflect that, focusing on simplicity and a new crisp colour palette which breaths our aim to be a benchmark digital signage solution for all end users.

SEO optimized and GDPR compliant

The new website is more Search Engine friendly which makes it easier for you to find us. Once you’re on our site, we want you to stay, so we’ve simplified the text and the navigation and added new images of our work to make it a better, easier read.

On all pages, you will find a new, GDPR compliant contact form simplifying Demo and Contact requests with Instoremedia or any of our partners. These enhancements make it easier for you to start your Digital Signage journey the moment you access our website, giving you all the cases, advantages and advice you need to make Digital Signage a success in your business.

The new website is of course also GDPR compliant. Read more about the Privacy policy here.

Customer cases

We’ve been serving different vertical markets with Digital Signage for nearly 2 decades, and have built up a case book of which we are really proud. Now you can find different customer cases on the website by vertical market or technical features, as well as reading our end user tips and tricks on how to use digital signage as a powerful selling, experiential brand building and cost saving tool.

For more information, please contact:

Malin Landberg, CEO Instoremedia AB
Telefon: 070-995 08 77


About Instoremedia

Instoremedia was founded back in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is to deliver the best combination of value and functionality in any Digital Signage Platform on the market. We have a strong background in retail, software development and digital business development. Our award winning software is the foundation and core of the company.


Want to know more?

Please leave us a few details, and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Or just contact us:
+46 8 518 00 860

Instoremedia and the preferred partner will process your personal data when you send in this form. If you want to know more about how we process your personal data please read our Privacy policy.

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