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Wayfinding Screens at Shopping Mall

Wayfinding Screens makes shopping easy at Broad Street Shopping Mall in Reading

The customer

Broad Street Mall in Reading.


Powered by Instoremedia UK and installed by Inurface Media in UK.


Many studies show that shoppers arrive at outlets open to suggestion, and you have a short window to engage them. Take a brief look at this study by Ogilvy Action here as an example.

With this in mind, an engaging interactive Wayfinding screen is one of the best ways to let an undecided shopper know both what you sell, and where you are located within a geographical area.

This is why Broad Street Mall in Reading opted to utilise Wayfinders powered by Instoremedia and installed by our partners, Inurface Media.


The Wayfinding screens consist of 42″ portrait screens built into a bespoke housing made by Sovereign Signs displaying touch interactive content. The interactive content allows shoppers to search for shops or services and view directions to them from the Wayfinder. This also provides an opportunity to provide information about other services or events located in the area. This, in turn, creates an ideal cross-selling opportunity as well as improving the shoppers’ experience of the mall.


The Wayfinding screens are located at strategic points, in the building entrance and close to a food terrace. This maximises the opportunity to engage customers, as the screens are at the start of the shopper route through the mall and at a central location where the atmosphere is unhurried and shoppers are likely to consider their choices.


As well as being used to assist shoppers finding their way around the mall, the Wayfinding screens are used to advertise local attractions, services and events external to the mall. It is hoped that this will make them an indispensable pillar of the local advertising scene and further the status of Broad Street Mall as a go to destination in Reading.


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