Our powerful digital signage platform

Instoremedia’s powerful Digital Signage Platform enables you to engage with your audience. Our solution is hardware independent. We support all players from PC solutions to SoC-players.

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Easy to use

Our easy to use Content Management System helps you to easily publish your content to large scale display networks.


The software is suitable for any business regardless of size. We serve small customers with 1-10 screens as well as large enterprise customers with world wide installations with over 10 000 screens.

Future proof

We focus on innovation and development to support tomorrows demand.

Our software features:

Information and offers

+ Attract attention
+ Create local campaigns
+ Schedule content for specific times of day
+ Brand building

Context aware signage

+ Add intelligence with sensors which react to changing conditions
+ Display different context depending on the audience gender & age, proximity, mood, product stock etc.
+ Sound and scent

Interactive signage

+ Touch to explore
+ Pick Up Product to learn and compare
+ Enhance with further information and reviews
+ Incorporate smartphones

App control

+ Upsell with comparisons
+ Throw content to signage screen
+ Open an ongoing dialogue with the customer
+ Personalise and improve the customer experience.

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