How to get started

Digital signage is the future, but it can be hard to know what to do and where to start.

Therefore we have collected a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

1. Identify your needs

First of all you need to identify your needs.

  • We want to use digital signs to increase sales?
  • We want to facilitate the handling of the signage as we do today?
  • We want to strengthen our brand and increase visibility?
  • We want to reduce our printing costs?
  • We want to improve internal communication?
  • We want to use digital signage for advertising revenue?


2. Software

With software we mean the content and/or device management system(s) and playback software on media players.

Our software is suitable for any business regardless of size. We have customers from small ones with 1-10 screens up to large enterprise customers with world wide installations with 10 000+ screens.

3. Hardware

The physical components needed for digital signage are: screens, media players (if necessary), network components, mounts, etc.
What kind of screens do you need?

  • Static screens to convey information and marketing?
  • Interactive terminals / displays to create interactivity with customers / staff?
  • LED displays on, for example, a property?


4. Content

The most important part of digital signage is off-course the content – i.e. what is displayed on the screens.

Our software uses standard templates which are included in the licensee fee. In these templates you can add images, movies, sound, texts and other RSS-information ooh social media integrations.

We can also adjust templates to meet your business needs as bespoken projects.

5. Installation, support and maintenance

To be able to start you also need to make sure you have a network connection, power and the right.

We together with our partners can help you with everything from installation to support and maintenance.

6. Get started

Send in your contact details below to get started with digitalizing your business.

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