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We are the market leading developer of the award winning Instoremedia Enterprise Digital Signage Platform.
The Instoremedia platform offers you an extensible, easy to use content deployment platform and CMS which is compatible with all standard digital displays, so that you can easily manage Digital Signage installations of any size.
Our extensive APIs will enable you to plug external systems into the platform too, so that you can create a fully integrated and standardised solution which works with your existing operational tools.
As well as being pluggable, we offer you both a cloud based CMS and platform hosting solutions purchasable as a SaaS product, and a system which you can host entirely on-premises. You can even easily switch between the two, making it easy for you to set up and scale your installation when your business needs it.
We support installations at customers of every size from small single site networks to networks of displays in multiple sites across the globe. Welcome to our website – we hope you enjoy finding out why Instoremedia is the Enterprise Digital Signage Platform!

What is Enterprise Digital Signage?

Deploying your content to a network of digital displays can help you to realise all the advantages of movies, interactive content and even personalised or data driven content in your efforts to enhance your brand. Digital Signage can help you to modernise and enhance your brand image, improve compliance with your branding strategies and engagement with your customers and staff. Digital Signage is a rapidly evolving area, in which established or new software technologies are constantly being supplemented by new display and computing technologies. These can help you to target delivery of higher impact content to your audiences more efficiently and more cost effectively.
At Instoremedia we pride ourselves on being responsive to market demands, emergence of new technologies and new trends in the market, making us one of the leading companies in the world of Digital Signage.

Take a look at our award winning Enterprise Digital Signage platform

  • Enterprise Digital Signage software

    Our software is both flexible and cutting edge. Invest in a future proof platform and get an extensible, customisable and easy to use solution that delivers high-value, and make your communication more efficient and attractive.

  • In-location engagement

    The most powerful digital signage platform helping you to engage your audience

  • Powerful content management

    Whether you need to display content at an exact time or in response to a trigger, the ability to control when and where your content is presented helps you to maximise the impact of the message.

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